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What is the Fine Arts Diploma Seal? (FADS)

The Fine Arts Diploma Seal will be awarded to Fulton County graduating high school students (seniors) who: 

  • Submit a transcript documenting the completion of a fine arts pathway 3 FULL Credits plus the at least one additional fine arts credit OR credit in a CTE course that provides a creative industry skill focus 

  • Participate in 2 or more arts related extracurricular activities and experiences that foster fine arts mastery. 

  • Submit documentation of completion of 20 hours of arts related community service 

  • Complete a capstone presentation of their experiences 

What does each student need to know?

Students will submit the following FADS eligibility documentation to the FADS committee chair/designee: 

  • Transcript documenting Pathway completion of a minimum of three (3) CREDIT units in one of the fine arts subject areas. Pathway completion denotes mastery in one art form. These areas include dance, music, theatre and visual arts. In addition, Student will earn at least one (1) additional fine arts course credit OR earn at least one (1) credit in a CTE course that provides a creative industry skill focus for the student.  

  • Documentation that the student participated in two fine arts related extracurricular activities. This can be good standing membership in the National Art Honor Society, Art Club or other arts organizations, participation in shows, competitions, exhibits, etc. 

  • Documentation of completion of 20 hours of arts related community service. This can include work done outside of school that is not a required component of regular coursework.   

  • Documentation of a capstone presentation on their experiences. Capstone presentations may include student exhibitions that demonstrate a portfolio of work per student, website presenting portfolio and artist statement, etc.  
    *Documentation of extracurricular activities, community service and capstone presentations can be executed and maintained by the student but must be approved by that student’s Fine Arts teacher. 

2020-21 FADS Timeline 
August -October: 

  • Students receive communication regarding the FADS. Provide them with the FADS worksheet.


  • Students follow up with fine arts teacher to make sure they are on track to complete all of the FADS requirements.

February 10: 

  • Student submits all qualifying documentation to local school Fine Art Diploma Seal committee chair.

February 15: 

  • School reviews all documentation and verifies student eligibility for Fine Art Diploma Seal 

February 28: 

  • Deadline for schools to submit list of qualifying seniors to the FCS Fine Art Coordinator

March 15: 

  • FCS Fine Arts Department evaluates credentials of candidates submitted and reports list of qualifying candidates to GADOE 


  • Schools receive the honor cords from FCS Fine Art Department

  • Schools award the Fine Arts Diploma Seal  

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