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Digital Design 1                                                                  Course Number: 50.0724001

Digital Design Projects I will acquaint students with the use of computers and digital media for the production of art.  This one-semester course is geared toward developing artistic skills and digital skills to communicate ideas through print and multimedia presentations. The majority of coursework will be designed and produced utilizing Adobe PhotoShop.  At the completion of this course, the student may move into Digital Art 2.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Art

Digital Design 2                                                                   Course Number: 50.0727001

Enhances level-one skills. Students use a variety of hardware and software tools to create digital media projects. Students will create portfolios that showcase a variety of digital media skills. Projects can include elements of illustration, electronic publishing, application design, two-dimensional animation, video production, special effects, three-dimensional animation, music production, photography, graphic design, interface design, and web design.

Prerequisite: Digital Design 1

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